Electrostatic field sensing

The video can probably show some of the potential of electrostatic field sensing. 😉

Sensor Schematic:

The first Operational amplifier has a very high input resistance

Sensor Picture:

Explanation and thoughts:

Measurment of the environment with extrem high Impedance value. The values form the operational amplifiers are  sampled with the at90usb1287 (microcontroller) ADC and are send via USB to the computer. Python and mathplotlib is used to display the values at the screen in realtime.
The blue thing which i swing around is a ordinary rope. The rope is not connected to the computer in any way other than the coupling through the electric field in the environment.  (well also through the air and preassure waves)
The sensor dont seems to respond to magnetic fields.
If you want you can probably say it is a electric scalar wave transmission system.
Since the rope always carries some residual charges. Swinging it creates charge fluctuations in the environmental field. No charges are exchanged! The sensor plate is insulated.
It seems to create a electric compression wave which compresses and expands every charge/Atom/electron? around in the environment. It seems quit similar to a sound wave but more of electrical nature.
Inside the house or outside beneath a high voltage transmission line i always meassure a 50Hz sinewave base signal from the main line (In this test te notebook runs on battery, so no direkt connection to the 50 Hz line). These waves seem to compress and expand also all the charges in our body all the time. Thats probably the reason why i feel so calm when there is a power blackout. The same calmness appears to me when i am in the forest or under a tree. And the cool thing which supports my feelings, is that i was not able to measure the 50Hz signal in the forest or under a tree. Trees seem to block or absorb these electric compression waves at 50 Hz.
I therefore conclude that the 50 Hz main lines, which are basically installed in every house are not good for my well beeing.

So what should i prefer? Live in a house where i feel as well as when i take a walk through the forest, or live  my complete live in a house where i always get this small slight hardly recogniseable unpleasant feeling?
The solution ? I don’t know yet, anyway
Take care


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  1. become significant; this is sometimes called the electrostatic field term and can be thought of as stemming from the electrical charge in the antenna element.

  2. yeah stemming is good, but would it also be possible to stem against the electrostatic field of the earth. Maybe yes, for a short time, but then the charges in the earth would probably be shifted and realocated.

  3. Hi,

    I’d like to know where did you get this insulated plate and what is the high input impedance are you using.

    Thank you

    • hi,

      The opv i use is the “TLc27m2” (http://www.ti.com/product/tlc27m2) the datasheet says that the input impedace is normally above 1 TeraOhm (10^12 ohm).
      The shield and the nearby wires will reduce this value a little bit. But the idea is to keep it as high as possible. See also this link (http://www.plesseysemiconductors.com/epic-plessey-semiconductors.php -> sroll down and on “Technical Information”-> klick -> “What is Epic”)
      The feedback to the shield is used to filter out dc – components of the signal -> else the opv would just overdrive and would hang most of the time at the low or high supply rail.

      The insulated plate is selfmade. But basically just a piece of metal at the end of a coaxial cable will do the job. The shield of the cable can be used as shield.
      The insulation just makes it less sensitive to a direct touch which normaly completly overdrives the signal.

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