To be aware of

  • Money is only in your Mind, without the Mind a sheet of paper has  probably no value at all.
  • Hypnosis really works, everyone is heavily influential. (interesting things are for example: pattern breaking (e.g handshake interrupt ), false memory,  Darren Brown, confirmation bias, )
  • Every Mind has kind of superpower, far more than most people can imagine.
  • The Force of magnets is programmable along various spatial orientations (
  • a Heatpump puts more heat energy out than you put in by electricity
  • There is a Electrostatic field all around us which is influenced by the Water in our body and the electricity which flows trough our body (e. g heart beat). It can be measured quite precisely. The basic field exists between the negative charged ground and the Ionosphere (at approx 260000Volt).
  • Nobody has ever seen a single electron.
  • NASA admits LENR (cold fusion, cheap, clean energy) -> (basically what rossi is doing, electrons and protons are fused to neutrons, the neutrons attach to the Ni core. They spontaneously decay  to protons and emits electrons, as the core stabilizes it emits gamma rays. A shield made of lead absorbs the gamma rays and heats up, this heat is used to heat water, or something like this, a new element is born ) ->anyway there seems to be much more advanced stuff out there!
  • Das Kugelexperiment:
  • You can enhance your brainpower by using electrics, electromagnetics or elektrostatic if you know how. If you could read a book in 20 minutes and comprehend nearly everything. School as we have it nowadays is becomes childplay.
  • A lot of people act like they have a clue about what is exactly going on. But in fact they have none. So dont just believe in what i just posted above.  Keep questioning your believes. Even question that you should question your believes.

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