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Make your wintergloves touchpad compatible

We all know in Winter when sitting outside with the Computer, the problem is your hands get freezing cold rapidly. Then you want to put some gloves on, but wait it looks like your Capazitive Touchpad doesnt works with them. Which often ends in the situation of having to get back inside even though the sun is shinning nicley.

But you can avoid this by making your gloves touchpad compatible by this simple setup.

All it need is two pieces of aluminium foil and a wire.

Here is the setup:

Just wrap one piece of the foil around your finger and the other piece around your wrist. Then connect the two foil pieces with the wire together. Now yout touchpad thinks it is sending the current through your finger but it will be sent through your wrist. And if you really don’t care, just wrap the second piece of foil around your heart !!.