Miniatur Quadrocopter

Miniatur Quadrocopter

The Copter:

Miniatur Quadrocopter

The PC Side:

The Copter control system:

Simple force Models:

Force model (reduced to one axis):

PCB Layout:

This is a Minatur-Quadrokopter i made for the Master Degree in Embedded System Design at FH-Hagenberg.

Hardware Details:

  • AVR32UC3B1128 (Atemel 32 Bit Microcontroller)
  • At86rf230 (Atmel 802.15.4 Transceiver 2.4 Ghz
  • L3G4200 ( STM Digital 3 Axis Gyroskope)
  • ADXL345 ( Analog Devices Digital 3 Axis Accelerometer)
  • 2 Dual IRF5852 ( MOSFETS  )
  • Single Lithium Polymer Cell 3.7 Volt
  • Self made  PCB Folded Dipole Antenna ( Not Calibrated )
  • 2 Layer PCB, all Parts on the Topside

The Thing in Action:

Flying and filming seems to be tricky 😉

  1. Hi, Would you mind telling me which motor you use and where you got the propellers?

  2. Moreover, I’m very grateful for your quick and beneficial response.

  3. Hi, do you have a wiki or documentation how to build this Copter? And what software and controller you using to fly?

    • No there is actually no documentation out, except this site. On the PC side i use a RZRAVEN USB STICK (i just added a picture), as a Controller i use a standard PC mouse with scroll wheel.
      The mouse x,y-movements are mapped to the Copter x,y-movements, and the scroll wheel is used to adjust the thrust. The software is mostly self written, except from the trancreceiver and the usb lib which i used from atmel.

  4. Thanks! The drawings explain a lot extra!
    This wil help me to try to make also this copter. Did you make the pcb design at youre own? Do you have a file to use in a program? I’m a starter, so can i ask, if i have troubles? the software in the copter! Did you write that also at yourself?

    • “Did you make the pcb design at youre own? Did you write that also at yourself? Can i ask, if i have troubles?”

      “Do you have a file to use in a program?”
      I am not so sure what you mean.

  5. May I know how many (mm) is the diameter of propeller .

  6. Could you help us about the communication protocol. do you tell me how we can learn how to setup the circuit of at86rf230. So, we directly setup the circuit in the datasheet.

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