Hanging Droplets


Magnet Chair

AVR Dragon Case

A selfmade Woodcase for the AVR Dragon which i use for programming an at32uc3b1128 Microcontroller with AVR Studio 5.


VHDL Notepad++ plugin

Once upon a time i wrote a VHDL plugin for the excellent Notepad++ Editor. With this plugin you can extract the signals out of a VHDL Entity declaration or create an Instantiation with this Entity. You can also instantiate the copied Entity in an template Testbench file. Check it out at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nppvhdlplugin/

Permanent-Magnetic attachment

Prove of Concept of a contactless Permanent-Magnetic attachment.

Basic idea is from http://www.correlatedmagnetics.com

Miniatur Quadrocopter

Miniatur Quadrocopter

The Copter:

Miniatur Quadrocopter

The PC Side:

The Copter control system:

Simple force Models:

Force model (reduced to one axis):

PCB Layout:

This is a Minatur-Quadrokopter i made for the Master Degree in Embedded System Design at FH-Hagenberg.

Hardware Details:

  • AVR32UC3B1128 (Atemel 32 Bit Microcontroller)
  • At86rf230 (Atmel 802.15.4 Transceiver 2.4 Ghz
  • L3G4200 ( STM Digital 3 Axis Gyroskope)
  • ADXL345 ( Analog Devices Digital 3 Axis Accelerometer)
  • 2 Dual IRF5852 ( MOSFETS  )
  • Single Lithium Polymer Cell 3.7 Volt
  • Self made  PCB Folded Dipole Antenna ( Not Calibrated )
  • 2 Layer PCB, all Parts on the Topside

The Thing in Action:

Flying and filming seems to be tricky 😉